October 14, 2003

Richard F. Cortez, CPA

Border Trade Aliance  Chair
Burton, McCumber & Cortez, L.L.P.

Fax 956-618-2333


Dear Richard,


            I was very placed to know that you are the Chairman of the Border Trade Alliance.


            We are very concerned about the harm that the Immigration officers are doing to our region and the catastrophic economic consequents that will cause the implementation of the entry/exit control.


            Count with our support for your resolution in reference to the extension of the permissible geographical area for the laser-border crossing card without I-94.


In addition we are working for the immediate suspension of harassment to Mexican frequent crossers as well as the illegal cancellation of laser visas, based in the visitors staying over for the night in Texas and cross every day to the Mexican border, to work or attend their  business. The immigration law is specific in what it prohibits and the immigration officers violate the Constitution in construing it more liberally.







            Emilio D. Santos




BTA passed a resolution regarding the border crossing experience, visa reform, and US VISIT.  For background information click here.